Warranty, Exchange, and Returns at Phoenix Store

Every online store has policies regarding Warranty, Exchange, and Returns. Phoenix Store is no exception and has regulations in place regarding these matters. This information will be beneficial for those of you who intend to purchase products from our store. Please pay attention to the Warranty and Returns regulations.

Warranty, Exchange, and Returns at Phoenix Store


Every buyer, transaction, and payment is protected by PayPal Protection, which provides a guarantee for up to 30 days. However, Phoenix Store offers a maximum limit of 2 days for a refund if an order is not shipped.

Warranty terms for products are as follows:

  • Cancellation: If the order has not been shipped, usually within 1-2 hours after payment
  • Support: Applicable for 7 days from the date the buyer receives the order
  • Replacement: You can request a replacement if the order encounters issues within 7 days of receipt.




Orders that have been purchased cannot be returned because Phoenix Store sells digital products. Please consider this before making a purchase because payment implies agreement with the Terms and Conditions of Phoenix Store.

Refunds apply if:

  • Order status is not shipped The order is not shipped within 2 days (2×24 hours)
  • The product is out of stock (Unavailable)




If the product you purchased is damaged and unusable, you can request a replacement with a similar item or one of the same value.

Requirements for requesting a replacement:

  • Provide evidence in the form of videos/photos
  • Answer any questions posed by the Seller
  • Follow the instructions provided as a solution to address the unusable product

If you have completed all the steps and the product remains unusable, you can request a replacement.


Phoenix Store is committed to providing the best service and selling quality products. Every product sold undergoes checks and testing to ensure functionality. However, this text serves as a reference in case of any issues and is one of the regulations applicable at Phoenix Store.

Thank you.

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